Monday, 12 March 2012

Test Bed Addendum

If you would like to read the Test Bed post first click here

Well if I am honest my test could have gone a little more smoothly. As I lay there waiting for the hasty return of his Lordship my lilo suddenly developed a leak and pitched me off it sending me lurching into the front of the dressing table. After a somewhat undignified wrestle with the nets, I managed to retrieve an elastoplast from the dressing table drawer and patched the leaky lilo.

Unfortunately his Lordship made a rather more hasty return than I had hoped for and I only realised his presence upon hearing much sniggering and snorting from behind me. Not the response I had been hoping for. It would appear that he found the sight of his wife's inadvertent attempt at mooning, with aforementioned moon swathed in copious amounts of cotton and Lycra, exceedingly amusing. Humph! I don't think my attempts at giving the lilo mouth to nozzle resuscitation helped none too much either.

Ah well back to the drawing board. XX


  1. Oh, no! Would you believe I don't know what a "lilo" is?!


  2. Oh sweetie it is a blow up bed that you normally use in the pool or sea. Rather old hat!!

  3. Thank you,I was heading to google to check out lilo. Hay, it wasn't a total loss. Laughs are never wasted energy.

  4. Au contraire! I would have thought the sight of your raised derriere while in the act of blowing hard should have certainly got the blood flowing!

    Excuse me, I might just have to go and have a cold shower...

  5. One more yank here that didn't know what a lilo was.

  6. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.