Sunday, 16 January 2011


We have a painter chap in at the moment doing some very nice work on the main hall and staircase. But it is proving to be something of a marathon job. He started three weeks before Christmas and it doesn't look like he will be finished much before the end of January. It is a rather large hall and it is over three floors with eleven doors and an ornate banister. He's doing a lovely job.. really he is. But why do tradesmen have to be so messy?

Every evening I hear him vacumming the dust from the floor, impressive you may think. It would be but for the fact that he then whips the dust sheets into a frenzy of folding and the house is hidden in a haze of fresh dust. Everywhere is coated constantly in a white covering of plaster and paint dust. I permanently have a duster attached to my hand.

Did I mention that everyone calls him Willy. I think it might have something to do with the fact that his real name is Richard! He talks to himself too. Constantly from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves. Honestly it's a non stop drone of conversation. The dog kept jumping up as she heard Willy muttering to himself. She soon got bored with that. Now she merely eyes him wearily, humouring him with a tail wag when he asks her for her opinion. She's not getting up onto those old legs for anything less than a chocolate digestive.

This is just the latest in a number of projects we've had on over the last year. First we had the back yard dug up to replace the old lead pipes. That led to us having to get the yard re flagged, it does look lovely now. Following on from the pipes being changed we ow had enough water pressure to get the old, and I mean old bathroom done out. That took two months, more dust. His Lordship liked the work the plasterer had done and decided it would be a wizzard wheeze to get the entire hall stairs and landings plastered. So they ripped down the ceilings too, yippee, nearly one hundred years of spider poo all over the place. Trust me it plays havoc with your hair. So here we are plastering done the decorating is well under way and the end is in sight.

Then his Lordship blithely announced to Willy last night as he was leaving that he has another little project for him. NOOOOOOOOOO! I wailed.

Please can I have my home back sometime soon. Can I please go to the bathroom without having to wedge the door shut with an old toilet roll, because Willy has taken the lock off to paint the door and hasn't got around to replacing it yet. Please can I simply enjoy my morning coffee without having to listen to Willy's latest catastrophe with his car. Oh and please can I walk about the house in my work clothes without having to guard against dust attacks, or after much sniggering in the office finding that I have a hand print on my bottom. A parting gift from his Lordship.

Take Care All xxx

Saturday, 15 January 2011

It's Only Me..

Well I am finally back.  I couldn't get into my blogger account so I have finally had to open another account and start a new blog. Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in fate.. do you believe in fate? I suppose that the last post on A Tykes Progress was just that. I had 'shared' that blog with the Captain throughout it's life and in some respects fate has stepped in. I decided that after the year I had, that I just found it too difficult to go back to the blog. So when blogger stepped in and refused to let me sign in, it has taken me almost a month of hair pulling and frowns and still no joy. I think it is the right time to move.

Last year was not the best, the Captain left me suddenly, then this little man,

left us two weeks after the Captain, I like to think they are roaming the Dales together.  In May Mrs Beeton became unwell and finally had to be admitted to hospital. She spent eight weeks in there and is finally getting back on her feet.  She did manage to celebrate her 90th birthday with all of her family.

Finally to round off the year, as I was driving to work on 30th September I had a funny turn. Well actually slightly more than a funny turn. I had a stroke. I am just returning to work now albeit part time and my right arm and leg are still a tad wobbly but what the hell it's a new year and a new start.

Take care all.