Saturday, 5 February 2011

Just Throw Me A Truffle

I am currently heading south to London, well actually Kent. I am going to meet up with my son and daughter in law as it was their birthdays this week. We shall also be celebrating the Chinese New Year. By the way what year is it? Duck, Platypus, weevil? I have the unfortunate recollection that somewhere along the way I discovered that I was a rat or a pig. They tried to dress it up in a positive light but I,m not so sure. When picturing myself I have never really added a long tail and whiskers or a pink rump and a snout. Call me picky but I had rather hoped to be something exotic, something with a little finesse. Perhaps one of the sleek big cats, a panther perhaps or maybe a cheetah.

Well I suppose I should start signing off with Miss Piggy or Roland Rat!!

Update: we welcomed in the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit and celebrated the birthdays with much merriment and not a little alcohol and a lovely Chinese banquet. We shall be heading back north later this evening after we have read our grandchildren bedtime stories and snuggled them down. It is a rare treat for us, living over two hundred miles away from them.