Saturday, 15 January 2011

It's Only Me..

Well I am finally back.  I couldn't get into my blogger account so I have finally had to open another account and start a new blog. Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in fate.. do you believe in fate? I suppose that the last post on A Tykes Progress was just that. I had 'shared' that blog with the Captain throughout it's life and in some respects fate has stepped in. I decided that after the year I had, that I just found it too difficult to go back to the blog. So when blogger stepped in and refused to let me sign in, it has taken me almost a month of hair pulling and frowns and still no joy. I think it is the right time to move.

Last year was not the best, the Captain left me suddenly, then this little man,

left us two weeks after the Captain, I like to think they are roaming the Dales together.  In May Mrs Beeton became unwell and finally had to be admitted to hospital. She spent eight weeks in there and is finally getting back on her feet.  She did manage to celebrate her 90th birthday with all of her family.

Finally to round off the year, as I was driving to work on 30th September I had a funny turn. Well actually slightly more than a funny turn. I had a stroke. I am just returning to work now albeit part time and my right arm and leg are still a tad wobbly but what the hell it's a new year and a new start.

Take care all.


  1. yeesh what a horrible year!

    hope you are well on the way to a full recovery.

  2. I've missed you old friend. I'll get there eventually, I'm a tough and very determined old boot.

  3. What a year. My sincere condolences on your losses.

    The fact you have made it as far as 2011 seems to be something of an achievement.

    It is lovely to see/read you again.

  4. I just noticed you as a follower of my blog and thought I'd pop over and say hello. Hello.

    Your profile makes you sound very interesting and I look forward to reading your blog from now on.

  5. Welcome back!
    May year 2011 bring you the best of Health, Happiness, and Prosperity!

  6. I am so sorry. What a terrible year that turned out to be. My sincerest condolences on the losses that will take some time to get over.
    Also sorry about your blog. Did you forget the password? I suppose the stress caused the stroke. Look after yourself.
    Hoping this Year will be kinder to you.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. I missed you, so much. Sorry to read about how life treated you. Do take care of yourself, and so happy to see you back! May this New Year ahead bring you lots of love, health, laughs and money, but mostly time to enjoy it all! Lots of luv for you m'dear! xox

  8. Glad to see you back. I hope you used up your quota for "s..t" in 2010. I wish you a rosy outlook on 2011.

  9. Sorry to hear about your losses. And I hope you are on the way to a full recovery. I missed your posts. Welcome back!

  10. So good to see you back. I salute your courage and send you a welcoming hug.

  11. Great to see you back - I'd peeped regularly to look for signs of your return! I'm so sorry last year was so awful. Hopefully 2011 will be a huge improvement. You can't keep a good saint down ;)

  12. Holy crap! So happy to see you, my friend! Sending all my best wishes for a wonderful 2011!

  13. welcome back, sugar! thanks for stopping by and now i'll add you to the sidebar so i can keep up! here's to a better new year! xoxox

  14. Welcome back!

    2011 will be good, honest.