Wednesday, 14 March 2012

About Yesterday

Ha well I bet you thought the post yesterday was St Jude just getting all above herself and wordy not at all the person you thought you knew. Oh alright I wasn't having a very good day. Don't worry just ignore it and it'll go away.

Now onto more important things. Why can't I comment on blogs that use the two word verification thingy. It doesn't recognise me so I end up being St Anonymous and get sent into the spam folder. As we know most people don't read their spam, am I the only person who actually finds some of it quite funny. Anyway as a result I end up being deleted ad hoc with all my other spammy counterparts. Do I need to do something to change this? Or is it a widespread problem? 

See I'm back to my old self again so you can breath a sigh of relief and carry on eating your corn flakes. Have a nice day xx


  1. Now you got me thinking about cornflakes for's spam and eggs.

  2. Have no idea what the problem is. So far, if I am able to decipher the two words, it recognizes me. Hope some one else can help.

    1. I am totally nonplussed as to why this is happening too.

  3. Its a worldwide problem & the only answer is to turn the darned thing off. I don't mind putting in two words but they aren't even legible. Some one ought to complain to Blogger.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. I can't believe that they haven't resolved it. You're right Maggie trying to decipher the words is awful.

  5. I've managed to turn off the WV now. It took a bit of searching, but you have to go back to the old blogger interface to find the option

  6. Thanks Kim. Helpful as ever. x

  7. Honestly, I don't know WHAT's going on anymore. I find those words difficult to read.

    As Kim's done, I've turned WV off at my site.


  8. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

  9. I'm having issues on some blogs, and end up resorting to being anonymous. As for those word verifications... pah!

  10. This post answers my query why there are blog owners refused the service of word verification. lol

    Ed Butowsky

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